History of Metal Music

Metal is another genre of music usually played by a band. Typically, a sort of noisy sound as there is a lot of screaming and heavy sounds produced by different instruments. Metal music gradually got its popularity from the late 1960 and until now, it has been played by various music bands around the world.

Metal music is known to be loud and fast. Most subgenres of metal are like that but there are few subgenres that are slow in rhythm like the symphonic metal and folk metal. By the way, the following are the subgenres of metal music – power metal, black metal, doom metal, classic heavy metal, thrash metal, death metal, progressive metal and folk and symphonic metal.

By the names of the subgenres, you can probably figure out what kind of music a metal music is. It is a general notion that metal music is somewhat demonic music because of the arrangement of the elements of music in it. It is unpredictable and often characterized as dangerous and rebellious. Even so, a lot of fans are not discourage to continually subscribe to the music and support every band’s concert. Musicians and bands too for metal music love the music.

Accordingly, metal music was initially introduced by the Black Sabbath. But prior to the band, earlier bands started to introduced the concept of metal music through its technological advnances that even distort the guitar. The Black Sabbath band is characterized by its thundering bass and pounding drums. Later on, fast speed was modified by the Deep Purple band. This is their remarkable contribution to metal. Finally, a band named Judas Priest combined the intensifying music of Black Sabbath and incredible speed of Deep Purple.