Music of All Time: Rock

Majority of people are lovers of music. Some are good in singing and others are good in playing musical instruments. There are some who can both play instruments and sing and there are others who neither can sing nor play but still love music. Among many genres of music, the rock music is one of the songs that are subscribed, sung and played all the time. Lyrics of rock musics are centralized in a romantic way. But some songs of the genre emphasize political and social aspects.

Rock music originated in the early 1950s and eventually in the 1960s, a lot of the subgenres of rock music began to emerge one after another. Different subgenres of rock music are the following – hard rock, garage rock, progressive rock, southern rock, surk rock, rock and roll, alternative rock, instrument rock, power ballad, acoustic rock, grunge rock, space rock, heartland rock, protopunk, beat, punk rock, soft rock, symphonic rock, psychedelic rock, glam rock and much more. The song “Keep a Knocking” is a famous rock and roll music.

Meanwhile, Hotel California by The Eagles is a famous soft rock. Rock music is usually fast in speed, loud but not that so loud. The melody is also suitable for dancing. As a matter of fact, upon hearing the music, dance movements will immediately react from anybody.This kind of music centered on the electric guitar and the beat is usually 4/4. Rock music has a big dominance among many genres of music and has a great influence to them.