The 7 years evolution of music formats in music industry

It is good sometimes to look back on the things before like how one product was discovered and then it was developed and research was done to improve its features and characteristics like the evolution of the bike. You can find a short video about it on the internet. Today we will learn about the music format that evolves in different years. It was six years exactly in the infographic below. You can see how it started until the time of what we now use today.

The record was at the time that Thomas Edison invented the phonograph cylinder in the year 1877 until the time that the mp3 format was developed in the year 1993. I remember the vinyl record that my mother kept in our house before that we used to play. As we do not have the player but only the vinyl player, we just look at it and play with it until it came to the point that we just throw it to remove any unwanted things or garbage in the house. Something makes this dress different but good.  Here is an agency for china that will help you. You will surely like this site 泰雅. See more info guys.

We do not know much about it when we are kids and we just thought that it must be something good before because of the very fine and smooth material. Only when I grew up that I finally understand what it is and how it works. I do not remember already what are the songs that are recorded in them. Hear songs while you enjoy waiting for your visa from this agency, more here 卡式.  They are very good material that does not break easily.