List of facts about the hip hop albums and the singers

Hip-hop music is one of the genres that is still very popular in this present time. It has its own challenges also but since its inception or discovery, many things already happened and it now has its own history. There are many hip-hop singers that are reaping millions as earning in their career. Many artists are in this industry and they are doing well in terms of performance and in earning money. A survey revealed that more male gender are into the hip-hop with a percentage of fifty-seven.

You can see in the bottom part of the infographic the list of the ten hip-hop entertainers who are reaping a very good amount of money. It is not thousands but in millions of US dollars. There is only one girl performer in the list and that is Nicki Minaj. It means she can compete with the other famous hip-hop stars and can earn more. You can also see the lists of the top ten best-selling album in the year of 2013 and also the best selling albums of all time.

Some may disagree with the ranking of the album but this list is not conclusive one but it is just a list ranked in accordance with the requirements or classification of the one who makes the rank unless there is an official survey done by agencies. Anyway, you can be close together with someone who knows or loves the hip-hop genre as you have a common ground to talk together. Online marketing services is the best techniques in making your business be one of the top in the market. If you want to learn more about marketing strategy online, SEO. Many are using this strategy because it really ensure the growth of your business.