Killer Clown Music Band

Killer clown is a music band that produce metal or hard rock. Killer clown has been active since 1991, foundation year. This music band is known for its name and origin. It originated in California, USA. In fact, killer clown is one of famous music band all over the world. Then why killer clown? Killer Clown name this band because the theme of their song is about clown, emotions. And they divert these ones into metal rock. They have published this album as Killer Clown after compiling their music in 2015. They just had a modification lately. Musicians of this band includes Ron Cram, Mike Stanley, Brandon Earnest and James Johnson. These artists have great performance in hard rock because their song really brings out the emotion in hard rock music.

Their songs include:

Gothic City, Monastary, Hard Lovin’ Women, Law Giver, Dance a Thousand Toungues, Aces and Eights, Roll with the Punches, Hurting Cuz Yer Gone.

When you listen to their songs, you will realize that they are the best rockers in the world. They give you the most amazing performance in rock and music. I really like their drumming. I am still learning to be a drummer but when I heard how they drum, truly I had nothing to say except ‘Oh men!’. I can’t express how amazing Ron Cram is. He is really the perfect drummer on earth (that’s for me). It is just a mystery that they needed to disguise as too scary clown when they can put on funny clown costumes.